IMG_6246 St Joe Lead 16 x 24 lo res

Kopperman’s Deli Photography Exhibit (July 2015)

North downtown 16 x 24


I took these photos over the past two years, some of them very recently (in April and June, 2015).  The subject of most of these photos is urban exploration (“urbex”). I find it awe-inspiring, sad and beautiful to explore the insides of buildings that are being transformed, sometimes week to week, by water and gravity.

Note: You can view thumbnails of all of my exhibited photos  at the bottom of this page.

The colors of these distressed structures are sometimes stunning, though not in all lighting situations—I’ve visited several of these structures multiple times in different weather conditions to rework images.

This collection includes many of my favorite urbex photos from five different locations: A) Most are from the Clemons Mansion in North St. Louis – This mansion and chapel were built by an uncle of Samuel Clemons; B) The Cottonbelt Building north of downtown St. Louis on the Riverfront; C) Bethlehem Lutheran Church in North St. Louis—this was a gorgeous church that (I am told) has now collapsed; D) St. Joe’s Lead Factory in Farmington, Missouri. You can find out a lot more about each of these sites with a simple Google Search. One additional image, one of my personal favorites, is from the St. Louis Riverfront, just north of downtown St. Louis.

IMG_1188_89_90 Cottonbelt 16 x 24 lo res


In addition to the urbex photos, I have included a large (36” x 24”) HDR photos from Bryce Canyon, taken in June, 2014.  Finally, I have included a expansive Chicago Cityscape that I took very recently – in June 2015–which I have worked into a stylized image.

These has been an immense amount of trial and error to compose the images in a way that satisfied me. I spent many additional hours post-processing these images using Photomatix (see below) and Lightroom in order to create these effects. These are High Dynamic Range (HDR) photographs printed on metal.

GN6A8103 Clemons skyview 16 x 24 lo res


Each of these photographs began with a series of 3 or 5 bracketed photos of the same scene using my Canon 7D Mark II, a tripod and a remote shutter release. These images were synthesized using Photomatix software, which combines the images using numerous parameters that I choose. The resulting large (18mb-25mb) images are then printed directly onto ready-to-hang metal sheets using a relatively new expensive high tech process. I choose to print my metal images here in St. Louis at Diversified Labs, which does an outstanding job of making these images pop.

P1010400_tonemapped-2 Chicago buildings - HDR keeper lo res

For more of my urban exploration photos, see the Urbex Album on my Flickr Page.    Many other photos can be found at my  Flickr photostream page.

To Purchase my photo art or to hire me for a photo shoot, contact me:
Erich Vieth

If you’d like to purchase any of these photos using the exact metal process you see in this display, I can arrange that for you. The turn-around time is about a week. Any of these photos can be printed in any of these sizes (in inches):
8 x 12 $80
12 x 18 $105
16 x 24 $185
20 x 30 $255
24 x 36 $350

To obtain one or several of these photos, contact me, indicating the photos you would like and your choice of size for each photo. I will arrange for the photos to be printed once I receive full payment (I’ll accept a personal check or you can send the amount through Paypal, and applicable sales tax is added to the amounts above). Once your photo(s) is created, you will be notified and you can then pick up your photo(s) at Diversified Lab, located at 645 Hanley Industrial Ct, St. Louis, MO 63144. Alternatively, if you live outside of St. Louis, they can ship them straight to you for a reasonable shipping fee.

For more about the types of photos I take, see the About Page on this Website.

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